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Warren Chang: Portraits of Humanity

Exhibition dates
October 20 - November 20, 2023

OPENING:  Sunday, October 22nd, 3pm - 5pm at Winfield Gallery


Exhibition artist
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"My works though inspired by the paintings and subjects of the past are however contemporary records of our times. I depict the farmworker honestly without idealization with an understanding of their plight. In a way I see the farmworker as a tragic figure, a metaphor for the all humanity." - Warren Chang

"The Paintings reveal our shared humanity, and more accurately reflect the totality of life on the Monterey Peninsula - an invaluable message for us today." - Helaine Glick
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Warren Chang

The word Narrative (in the title of my book) implies storytelling, because I feel the majority of my paintings are narrative in nature.  They imply that something is 'going on.' I feel great art is often ambiguous in nature, and in this same spirit, my own paintings can be read in varying ways.  Not one interpretation is necessarily more accurate than another.  I invite you to veiw these paintings with the knowledge that there is no secret meaning that is inscrutable only to me.  You have the freedom to take from each painting what you will. - Warren Chang