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Water Works

Sandra Mendelsohn Rubin
Exhibition dates
July 14 - August 12, 2019


Exhibition artist
"From the beginning of human history, making marks depicting the physical world has been a constant.  As Shakespeare said, “art holds the mirror up to nature … and it is in the mirror that we come to know ourselves.”
Rubin signature

Sandra Mendelsohn Rubin

From landscape to still life, to recent compositions bordering on abstraction … it is all about being in relationship with life!  The journey is both personal and universal.  Poetry and metaphor exist everywhere.  The primary underlying challenge is always to pay attention … honor intuition … and to stay engaged.  Continuity is EVERYTHING!

As physical beings living in a three dimensional world, representational references in painting will always be viable no matter the artistic trends or curatorial leanings of the times.  I sincerely believe there is something sacred and enduring in this disciplined act of truthfulness.  As Diebenkorn so aptly put it … “a realistic or non-objective approach makes no difference.  The result is what counts.”