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David Ligare

Exhibition dates
June 3 - July 5, 2019


Exhibition artist
LIGARE Headshot
"To paint simply (as simple as a minimalist) an evocation of the view - the thing we see - that it be given some equivalent power by way of a poetry of light and scale. That the painting becomes a thing that, like the seascape itself, cannot be adequately translated into something else. It is an experience unto itself - an equivalent."
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David Ligare

When I began my project more than 30 years ago I decided that there would be three basic components to my work; Figures, landscapes and still lifes. For me the pastoral landscapes of our region of California have been useful as stages for ideas. Indeed, the 'pastoral mode' as it's called is essentially a contemplation of mortality. The classical approach to landscape requires an underlying structure (implying the inter-relatedness of all things) as well as an elegiac approach to the wonders of nature and the beauty of light. The landscape of California like the landscape of Italy is a dream made real.