Water Works at Winfield Gallery July 14th thru August 12th


Winfield Gallery is proud to present Water Works Paintings by Sandra Mendelshon Rubin. A consummate illusionist, Sandra Mendelsohn Rubin paints meticulous and haunting observations in carefully curated portions. Her representational painting conjures a magical sphere; the artist’s sleight of hand produces a visually convincing three-dimensional scene on a portable, two-dimensional surface.

Rubin’s fascination with aerial perspective convinced her to go up in a small plane to photograph the terrain herself. The subject of water and its activation of the landscape particularly engaged her. As with all her aerial paintings, she combs through hundreds of images to draw out the material needed to craft her compositions.

“I paint with a relentless conviction to make tangible every aspect of my subject.” —Sandra Mendelshon Rubin

Her immense pictorial power lies in what can only be an empathic comprehension of the synergistic relationship of color and light, which enables her to evoke the very air. One cannot help but be struck with the reality of her love affair with the immersive process of recording the seen world as well. As she says, “I do believe there is something sacred and enduring in this disciplined act of truthfulness.” Rubin makes believers of us all.

As a recent M.F.A. graduate of the University of California Los Angeles in 1981, Sandra Mendelshon Rubin won the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s prestigious “Young Talent Award,” and has been represented by the highly

regarded L.A. Louver Gallery since that time. Nearly forty years on—and well after the receipt of two National Endowment for the Arts grants in 1981 and 1991—she was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2012.

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