Now - Oct 2013

Avenue of The Stars

Now thru October 2013

Artist Gwynn Murrill on public display on Avenue of the Stars in Los Angeles.

February 23rd - May 4th, 2013

SWARM: A Collaboration with Bees with Artist Stephanie Wilde

February 23rd – May 4th, 2013

Artist Stephanie Wilde on display in group exhibition at Lotusland in Santa Barbara.

February 2nd - 23rd, 2013

Hidden Images of a Painter Photographs by George Blair

An innovative artistic collaboration between George Y. Blair and Cedric Wentworth..

January 24th - April 28th, 2013

Eclectic: A Selection of Women Artists of Central California at Fresno Art Museum

Artists Mari Kloeppel and Corda Eby on display in group exhibition at the Fresno Art Museum.

October 3rd through December 31st, 2012

Annette Corcoran New Work at Monterey Museum of Art

Teapots have been the catalyst and primary focus of Annette Corcoran’s work for more than forty years. Annette’s imaginative body of work arises from her adventurous spirit, her reverence for the natural world, and her joyfully meticulous artistry..

April 13th - May 12th, 2013

Tracey Adams at Winfield Gallery

Artist Opening Saturday April 13th, 5-7pm.

Through May 19th, 2013

Beth Van Hoesen at Monterey Museum of Art

Closes May 19th, 2013.

May 17th - September 1st, 2013

Diana Moore and Dan Corbin at Fresno Art Museum

Classical Impulse:  2 Contemporary Sculptors

May 17th thru September 1st, 2013.

May 17th - September 1st, 2013

David Ligare: River/Mountain/Sea

At the Fresno Art Museum

May 17th thru September 1st, 2013.

July 6th - August 2nd, 2013


At Winfield Gallery July 6th – August 2nd, 2013

Opening reception with the artist Saturday, July 6th, 5 – 7pm

“I find myself returning to the same site to paint over and over again, this gives me a clue to what is changeable about the landscape and what is enduring and consistent about it. I also find I do the best large paintings of landscapes that I have studied intensely and know intimately. For me this knowledge can only be acquired by repeated visits to a site.”   –Ann Lofquist


August 7 - 25th, 2013

Michael Furman: Porsche Portraits

At Winfield Gallery

August 7 – 25th, 2013.

March 7th - March 31st Opening Reception Saturday March 7th, 5-7pm

PAM CARROLL Solo Show at Winfield Gallery: Painted From Nature


Benefit for Mario Alunan

Mario has been instrumental in the last number of years for artwork delivery to clients and picking up from artists.  He has also helped clients install work in their homes, and has been a trusted member of the art community for over 15 years.

He has recently begun treatment for cancer and while he has insurance coverage, we are trying to help him cover his living expenses while he undergoes treatment and through his recovery period.  We welcome any cash donations, but have also had a number of artists donate artwork that can be purchased on his behalf with 100% of the  proceeds going to Mario.  These pieces can be found at the link below.  Thank you for your consideration.


April 4th - 25th, 2015. Reception Sunday April 12th, 2-4pm

Frank Galuszka: Bellagio Paintings


Albert Paley: In Cooperation with the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art


July 1st through October 1st, 2017


Albert Paley

February 22nd - June 16th, 2019

Warren Chang at New Museum Los Gatos

Warren Chang:  “Voice of the Fields”

February 22nd through June 16th, 2019

February 10th thru February 28th.

Marc Trujillo in Rome: ‘Fast’ at Galeria Bruno Lisi

via Flaminia, 58

00196 Roma RM

4 Blocks north of the Popolo Basilica

Here’s a link for all of the info:

And here’s a link for the brochure (in English) with an essay by Helaine Glick:

Marc Trujillo at Bakersfield Museum of Art

January 26th, 2017 – April 30th, 2017

Ethan Russell at the Bakersfield Fox Theater

June 24th, 2017

Gwynn Murrill at the Bakersfield Museum of Art

Septemer 7th, 2017 – January 7th, 2018

November 1st - 20th, At Winfield Gallery Reception 5-7

Peter Loftus – New Work

November 1st thru 20th

Gillian Pederson-Krag at Iveta Cafe Gallery October 2nd – 30th

Please stop by to see Gillian’s work!

Iveta Cafe Gallery

2125 Delaware Ave.

Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Artist’s Reception Oct. 2nd 4 – 9pm


Sept. 1st - 25th. Artists' Reception Saturday Sept. 3rd, 5pm- 7pm

Grant Sainsbury at Winfield Gallery

Americana:  A British View

Artists’ Reception Saturday September 3rd, 5pm- 7pm at Winfield Gallery

Shot Glasses at Winfield Gallery

Shot Glasses

The first documented use of the expression “shot glass” appeared in the New York Times, sometime during the 1940s. The origin of the term is mysterious in the way of liquor-infused folklore, but these compact drinking vessels define a mythological moment in the American psyche. In how many theatrical scenes have we witnessed the swift downing of an ounce of whiskey preceding the revealing moment or the critical action? For seventy-five years now, these nifty glasses have made a cultural statement that we somehow understand intuitively.

Drinking whiskey from a shot glass infers a kind of ritual, particularly when two or more people share the experience. In its most positive connotations, the act might seal an agreement or a bond of friendship, celebrate or memorialize an occasion or event, or bolster courage for a difficult task ahead. Drinking a shot of something strong from a small but weighty glass is a very different experience than sipping a cocktail, a beer, or a glass of wine. The sense of marking a moment as worthy of note, short but powerfully potent, lends a shot glass the status of a precious object, and it is one that many people do in fact collect.

With this in mind, gallery owner Chris Winfield invited four highly regarded artisans to imagine and design their own interpretations of shot glasses. Willy Strasser, a long time Santa Cruz resident and silversmith, renowned woodcarver Nick Lamb, a native of England now living in Montana, and two Santa Cruz ceramic artists, Susie Ketchum and Carlos Dye all have a significant and well-regarded body of work to call upon. Each has brought a singular perspective to the challenge, and fashioned their version of a shot glass worthy of any sort of memorable moment.

June 1st - June 30th, 2016 at Winfield Gallery


Artist Reception at Winfield Gallery:

Sunday June 5th, 3-6pm


Artist Talk at Center for Photographic Art, Carmel-By-The-Sea:

“Using Photographs:  A Mixed History”

Thursday June 2nd, 6:30pm

NOW! at Winfield Gallery

Ethan Russell: Rock-n-Roll Selection


Through January 2016 at Winfield Gallery

October 3rd - 24th. Artist's reception: Saturday Oct. 3rd from 5 - 7pm

Linda Christensen: Bay Area Figurative: A New Perspective

October 3rd – 24th at Winfield Gallery

Artist’s reception:  Saturday Oct. 3rd from 5 – 7pm.

Aug. 7 - Aug. 28, Reception Thursday Aug. 13th, 1pm - 3pm

Michael Furman, Karen Shapiro and Michael Alan Ross

Group Exhibition at Winfield Gallery August 7th – August 28th, 2015

Thursday August 13th, Artists Reception & Book Signing 1pm – 3pm.

Meet and Greet, Friday June 5th, 5 - 7 pm

Artist Visit: John De Andrea at Winfield Gallery

Meet and Greet

Friday, June 5th, 5 – 7 pm.

Sept.19th - Jan. 3rd. Reception Friday Sept. 25th 6pm - 8pm at TRITON

Chris Winfield at Triton Museum of Art

“A Subtle Edge”

September 19th through January 3rd, 2016

Artist Reception, Friday September 25th, 2015 from 6 – 8pm

Triton Museum of Art

1505 Warburton Avenue, Santa Clara, CA 95050

(408) 247-3754



David Ligare: California Classicist

Crocker Art Museum – Sacramento:  June 7th – September 20th, 2015

Laguna Art Museum – October 18th, 2015 – January 17th, 2016

Georgia Museum of Art – February 13th – May 8th, 2016

Triton Museum of Art – June 11th – August 14th, 2016

Artist Reception, Sunday June 14th, 2 - 4 pm

David Ligare: To Draw is to See

Drawings at Winfield Gallery June 6th – June 30th, 2015

Sunday June 14th, Artists Reception.

July 6th - 31st, 2015 Reception July 11th, 5-7pm

Andrea Johnson and Barbara Johnson

at Winfield Gallery – July 6th – 31st, 2015.

Nov. 24th - Jan 3rd, 2015

ILLUMINATIONS: Candlesticks and Candlelight at Winfield Gallery

Featuring Artists Albert Paley, David Ligare, Robert Stromsoe, Susan Kingsley and Judy McKie.

September, 2014


September, 2014.

August 9th - 31st, 2014 Opening Reception & Book Signing, August 16th, 12-2PM

MICHAEL FURMAN: Porsche Unexpected at Winfield Gallery

August 9th – 31st, 2014.

TRACEY ADAMS: ‘The Circle Game’ at Tucson Museum of Art

Tracey Adams is also featured in this exhibition at the Tucson Museum in Arizona.  Please visit for more information.

On view from February 22nd – September 7th, 2014.

TRACEY ADAMS: ‘SHIFT’ Group Exhibition at Monterey Museum of Art

“Shift:  Five Decades of Contemporary California Painting” at Monterey Museum of Art.  Please visit for more information.

On view May 1st – September 22nd, 2014.

GWYNN MURRILL at the National Museum of Wildlife Art

Our busy artist Gwynn Murrill will also be showing in Jackson, Wyoming at the National Museum of Wildlife Art.  Her work can be seen from August 30th, 2014 to October 26th, 2014.  Please visit!!  For more information you can go to

GWYNN MURRILL at Anderson Sculpture Gardens

If anyone happens to be visiting the Midwest, Winfield Gallery artist Gwynn Murrill will be showing a selection of work at the University of Iowa’s Anderson Sculpture Gardens.

Installation will be open for viewing from June 2014 through July 2016.

July 11th - August 9th, 2014

TRACEY ADAMS Opening Reception at Winfield Gallery

Please join us!  Have a glass of wine and view new paintings by Tracey Adams.

Reception with the Artist is on Sunday July 13th 3-5pm..

DAVID LIGARE at Bakersfield Museum of Art

Winfield Gallery artist David Ligare’s ‘River Mountain Sea’ exhibit is now on view at the Bakersfield Museum of Art.  From May 15th – August 24th, 2014.  Please visit for more information..

Tom O’Neal and Jason De Borg: ‘Rock On’ at the Fresno Art Museum

Winfield Gallery in collaboration with the Fresno Art Museum features a visual history of Rock-n-Roll.  On view from May 15th – August 24th, 2014 in conjunction with Ethan Russell’s ‘Best Seat in the House’ exhibit.  For more information, please visit

ETHAN RUSSELL at The Fresno Art Museum

If you missed Ethan’s work in December, now is the perfect time to catch the show in Fresno.  ‘Best Seat in the House’ is on exhibit May 15th – August 24th, 2014.  More information can be found on the Museum website

BELLE YANG at Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History

Winfield Gallery Artist Belle Yang presents ‘Crossing Cultures:  A Story of Immigration’.  On view from June 6th – August 24th, 2014.  For more information, please visit

ANNETTE CORCORAN: at the Fresno Art Museum

Winfield Gallery artist Annette Corcoran presents her latest show ‘Fantastical Form’ in Fresno from May 15th – August 24th, 2014.  For more information, please visit

MALIN LAGER: at Monterey Now

Winfield Gallery Artist Malin Lager presents her beautiful textile portraits at the Monterey Museum of Art.

June 6th – October 20th, 2014.

June 8 - 30, 2014 Reception June 8th, 3-5pm

CARLA CRAWFORD Selections at Winfield Gallery

Opening Reception with the artist Sunday, June 8th, 3 – 5 pm..

December 1 - 31, 2013 EXTENDED!

ETHAN RUSSELL ‘The Best Seat In The House’

Opening Reception with the artist Sunday, December 1st, 2 – 5 pm..

November 2nd thru November 30th, 2013

David Ligare: Landscape Studies for ‘River / Mountain / Sea’


LECTURE by David Ligare ‘Scenic Philosophy’ November 24th, 3-4pm at the Carmel Women’s Club


Also on View at the Monterey Museum of Art – Monterey Now:  David Ligare ‘River / Mountain / Sea’ November 20th – April 27th, 2014.  For more information about the Monterey Now – David Ligare show, please visit



October 5th - 31st

Mark Adams: Selections from the Estate


September 1st - 30th, 2013

Lockwood de Forest: Carmel Views from the Turn of the Century

Some 50 paintings of the greater Monterey region have emerged over the past few years. Twenty-one of those “moods of Monterey” will be on view at Winfield Gallery on Dolores Street during the month of September.

Painted between 1904 and 1920, the selection ranges from Point Pinos dunes to the Big Sur headlands, with a preponderance of seascapes featuring Pebble Beach, Carmel and Point Lobos – favorite haunts of the artist..

Feb. 1-28th, 2017

Marc Trujillo ‘Urban Ubiquity’ at Winfield Gallery

February 1-28, 2017

April 1st - April 30th, 2017

Intimate Sculpture at Winfield Gallery

An online Sculpture exhibition featuring some of our favorite small sculptures.

May 1st - June 18th, 2017

NOCTURNES: From Dusk till Dawn

May 1st through June 18th, 2017

The Winfield Gallery is proud to present Nocturnes: From Dusk Till Dawn, a small, museum-quality exhibition of Nocturne paintings from the late 19th Century to the present. This theme is particularly relevant to the Monterey Peninsula because of the early, then radical, work of Charles Rollo Peters. Peters, a Monterey resident, specialized in mysterious nighttime paintings often of ruined adobes. His work was successfully exhibited widely in New York, San Francisco, even London, where his paintings were reportedly admired by James Abbott McNeil Whistler. The early 20th Century “night paintings” by Lockwood de Forest are small and study-like but with a somber, poetic mood.

The more contemporary works in the exhibition present the nighttime experience in a variety of ways. Ann Lofquist’s sweeping view from above of Los Angeles with its hazy lights and rich atmosphere brings the Nocturne to the present. The apparently matter-of-fact commercial buildings in Marc Trujillo’s paintings glow like lanterns against the night sky. They are tour de force observational studies of a variety of light sources and reflections.

Los Angeles artist, Peter Alexander, abstracts the night in much the same way that Whistler did. Bay area artist Holly Lane builds elaborate dark frames that then reveal jewel-like images of mysterious landscapes. David Hines’ stark country nightscapes have a portentous, even David Lynch-like foreboding to them. David Ligare’s “Fire in the Desert,” has a primal, even biblical presence.

Artists: Peter Alexander, Frederick Brosen, Noah Buchanan, Pam Carroll, Warren Chang, Carla Crawford, Lockwood De Forest, Bruce Everett, Deanne Forbes, Frank Galuszka, David Hines, Andrea Johnson, Mari Kloeppel, Holly Lane, Chris Leib, David Ligare, Ann Lofquist, Ed Mell, David Molesky, David Molteni, Gillian Pederson-Krag, Charles Rollo Peters, Kristine Reiner-Hansen, Paul Roehl, Sandra Mendelsohn Rubin, Marc Trujillo, Joaquin Turner

Aug. 12th-30th. Book Signing Thursday August 17th, 2pm- 4pm

Michael Furman and Karen Shapiro

Book Signing Thursday August 17th, 2pm- 4pm at Winfield Gallery

July 8th - July 31st, 2017 Opening July 8th 5-7pm

Warren Chang: Drawn in the Light

At Winfield Gallery

Warren Chang

Water Works at Winfield Gallery July 14th thru August 12th


Winfield Gallery is proud to present Water Works Paintings by Sandra Mendelshon Rubin. A consummate illusionist, Sandra Mendelsohn Rubin paints meticulous and haunting observations in carefully curated portions. Her representational painting conjures a magical sphere; the artist’s sleight of hand produces a visually convincing three-dimensional scene on a portable, two-dimensional surface.

Rubin’s fascination with aerial perspective convinced her to go up in a small plane to photograph the terrain herself. The subject of water and its activation of the landscape particularly engaged her. As with all her aerial paintings, she combs through hundreds of images to draw out the material needed to craft her compositions.

“I paint with a relentless conviction to make tangible every aspect of my subject.” —Sandra Mendelshon Rubin

Her immense pictorial power lies in what can only be an empathic comprehension of the synergistic relationship of color and light, which enables her to evoke the very air. One cannot help but be struck with the reality of her love affair with the immersive process of recording the seen world as well. As she says, “I do believe there is something sacred and enduring in this disciplined act of truthfulness.” Rubin makes believers of us all.

As a recent M.F.A. graduate of the University of California Los Angeles in 1981, Sandra Mendelshon Rubin won the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s prestigious “Young Talent Award,” and has been represented by the highly

regarded L.A. Louver Gallery since that time. Nearly forty years on—and well after the receipt of two National Endowment for the Arts grants in 1981 and 1991—she was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2012.

SAVE THE DATE! Artists Reception Tuesday Aug. 21st 2 - 4pm


August 18th through September 2nd, 2018

Featuring new images from Automotive Photographer Michael Furman and New Car Product Sculptures from Karen Shapiro!

September 8th through October 7th at Winfield Gallery

David Hines: 3 AM: Mojave Desert

September 8th through October 7th at Winfield Gallery

October 31st through November 28th at Winfield Gallery

BONE APPETIT – Ceramic Musings by Susie Ketchum & Carlos Dye

Presenting 'A Layering of Time' June 1st - July 8th, 2019

Ken Hale at Winfield Gallery

August 10th thru 31st, 2019 Opening Aug 13th 5:30-7

Michael Furman and Karen Shapiro

The Figure

November 9th thru December 8th, 2019

Alan Feltus ‘An Air of Stillness’

at Winfield Gallery

David Ligare at Winfield Gallery June 3rd – July 5th

David Ligare’s and John Steinbeck’s visionary California is lush, edenic and pastoral. But the pastoral is a tricky designation. Traditionally, it signifies cultivated and harmonious space between wilderness and civilization. When the world is too much with us, the pastoral soothes. Cultivated nature restores sanity. We bend our knees. Find solace. To look at a Ligare painting seems an act of sanity, just as reading Steinbeck’s descriptions of the land connect us to the haunted beauty of Central California. Even when California hills are bathed in late afternoon light—Ligare’s favored time– change hovers. Steinbeck’s narrative is Ligare’s vision: we gaze longingly at the ideal, knowing it’s elusive, that light fades.

Both Steinbeck’s and Ligare’s California landscapes are sharply etched and deeply felt. This matter of seeing is no mean task, for it involves a kind of double vision; keen sight and insight. Artist and writer pay rapt attention to the changing colors of California hills–tawny, golden, sear. Both love “dumpling summer clouds,” “round comfortable oaks,” and hills “bathed in pale cold sunshine.” Ligare’s paintings capture his own “wonder of light on an object.” Steinbeck’s Cannery Row is a place that exists in the “hour of pearl,” a time between darkness and dawn, a time bathed in mystery.

In a Ligare painting and a Steinbeck novel, the perceiving eye and the human heart are joined so that familiar landscapes and ordinary light are transformed, our own understanding of place reconfigured.

—Susan Shillinglaw,
Author of Carol & John Steinbeck: Portrait of a Marriage

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