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Phil Leonard Works Biography

Syrarium Studios is a studio/workshop space where ideas manifest and find imaginative outcomes. Almost always using big color and layers of depth, Phil finds ways of luring you into the work by developing a sense of deep and endless space. The sculptural aspect of his work is impressive. Continually adding dimension to already dimensional work takes his art to the next level. Phil’s work is reflective of multi-layers of creative thinking and positive life analysis strategies. He takes satisfaction in creating art that is process based, but also leaves a ton of allowance for creative interpretation. The ability to create a successful art piece is to travel through the piece, finding your eyes’ next metaphorical bus top and waiting for the ride.

Phil takes a lot of pride in having the ability to learn on the fly and improvise; he calls it being an “adaptable human”. Versatile in numerous mediums, but accelerating in automotive urethane enamel, his tools are end-less, and his creative intuition is well practiced. Phil hopes to solidify himself as both a craftsman and an artist through his paintings and his work with all things 3D. Phil takes his vast life experience accompanied by extreme creative energy; and whole-heartedly attacks projects. “It has to be fun and expressive of who you are, but, mainly fun”. This frantic desire to create can be seen in his large body of work in private collections crisscrossing the globe in destinations such as New York, San Francisco, Japan, and numerous places in between.  Phil knows the value of being approachable and being open to artistic projects where collaboration is key and relative to the success of the project.  In 2017 he completed a large project in San Diego’s Little Italy, consisting of 28 4’X8’ ft paintings, hung throughout a swanky steakhouse called Born & Raised.

When asked what drives him, he says “when working on a large scale, that translates my work well is always a blast”. He also alludes to ideologies of depth and space management. Creating illusions and bending the minds perspective and depth of space is a huge part of his work. Color and contrast seem to go hand in hand in the Syrarium characteristic conversation. Colors and shapes moving to an internal heartbeat can make a painting beautiful.


Solo and group exhibitions of note:

2018-         Metamorphosis. Above Sea Level Art Gallery, Cannery Row, Monterey Ca

We Are the Romantic Ones. Subliminal Projects Art Gallery, Los Angeles, Ca

2017-         From the Alley to the Gallery. Smoking Mirrors Art Gallery, Los Angeles, Ca

Street Trucks Magazine Feature. Online and print edition

2016-         Lost Highway Musical Festival, San Bernadino Ca

2015-         Visual Mechanics. Somos Media Gallery, Salinas Ca

Hollister Made. Art Space Gallery, Hollister Ca

Island Reggae Festival. San Jose Ca

Custom Capitol.  Salinas, Ca

Pistol Magazine: Surf and Skate. Dexter’s Camera, Ventura Ca

Gangsters and Geniuses.  Rare Form, San Diego Ca

Electives. Revere Art Gallery, Hayward Ca

True Love.  Eights and Aces, Santa Cruz Ca

2014-         Syrarium Studies.  Cukui Art Gallery, Japan Town San Jose Ca

Visual Mechanics.  Somos Media Gallery, Salinas Ca

Bridging the Gap. Somos Media Gallery, Salinas Ca

Habitual Marks.  OTH Gallery Space, Hollister Ca


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