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Paul Seftel Works Biography


1974 Born in London. British / American from London and NYC.

1987 – 1992 University College School, Hampstead, London

1984 – 1992. The Unity Group. Participated and learned leadership of creative education and integration with special needs children.

1989 – 1991 Chairman of UFO. Charity fundraising and event production.

1990 – 1992 MD of Loose Noose, a Young Enterprise Company making hand painted ties. Sponsored by Price WaterHouse. Awarded ‘Best YEC in London, 1992’.

1992 – 1993 Left home, roamed across the US and Central America solo for 12 months
1994 – 1995 Edinburgh University & Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland.

1995 – 1996 Accident in Java. Near death and out of body experiences. Lost use of right hand, and spent a year healing, living in caves, teepees and yurts in the New Mexico and Colorado wilderness.

1997 – 2002 Worked in Film Production in London, LA, NM and Denver Colorado. Worked in the Art department, and as a background artist on major and indie productions.

2002 – 2003 School of Applied Arts, Denver CO.

2003 – 2007 Lived in Eagle County Colorado, commissioned to create custom interiors using hand made metal and stone paints and plaster

2007 – 2015 NYC. Migrated studio between Bushwick, Williamsburg, Harlem, Chelsea and Upstate. Exhibited and sold widely. Work in the collection of violinist Joshua Bell photographed for Architectural Digest and Vogue. Work in Detroit featured and mentioned in the New York Times, and photographed widely by many major newspapers.

2008 SVA New York. Summer Residency in Public Art.

2011 – 2013 Directed PS Project Space, Chelsea NYC. Produced many successful ‘out of the box’ artist collaborations, exhibitions and events.

2014 Published first novel memoir/ travel adventure The Comet’s Tale. Available on Amazon.
2016 Moved to Monterey, CA for renewed inspiration and Artists residency.

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