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Nancy Lawton Works Biography


Nancy Lawton (1950-2007)

American School

Seed pods, shells and flower blossoms may be the subjects of Nancy Lawton’s jewel-like drawings in silverpoint, but her drawings are, in truth, all about line, shadow and tonal scale.

In a Lawton drawing, shadows loom in the background and the veins of leaves pulse with arterial life.  As the drawings in this exhibition illustrate, Nancy Lawton is fluent in the subtleties of the silver line, and exploits its range of expression in some remarkably creative ways.

Nancy’s drawings in silverpoint rank among her most beautiful creations. They invite close scrutiny.  The viewer cannot help but be amazed by her beautiful technique, the incredibly fine line, the remarkable tonal range conveyed by strokes of silver applied in varying densities.  Her ambiguous botanicals are enriched by the use of silverpoint, and her audience is the richer for it.

Nancy Lawton’s drawings can be found in at least the following public instiutions:  the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Arkansas Art Center, and the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington D.C.

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