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Michael Alan Ross Works Biography

Michael Alan Ross

Embodied with a passion for all things automotive, Michael Alan Ross has carved out a career photographing the studied nuances, latest models, adrenaline-rushed raceways and proud owners of the car world. His love of car design includes an encyclopedic knowledge of sculptural engineering details, with a parallel appreciation for the evolution of a component and a sentimentality for the classics. Inspired by his respect for the craftsmanship of car designers, Michael draws upon their influence as a narrative for his work- the parts and pieces, technological advances and elements that capture a moment in time. As a licensed photographer for Porsche AG and a trusted colleague to many, he maintains elite access to the events, collectors and designers that others dream about. His reality is a career built on doing what he loves: photographing the cars and people that define the automotive industry. Michael’s work is featured in a wide range of editorial and advertising in the US and Europe.

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