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Martha Alf Works Biography


Experimental Drawing

By:  Robert Kaupelis

Publisher:  Watson-Guptill

Date: 1992


Psychedelic:  Optica and Visionary Art since the 1960’s

By:  David S. Rubin (editor)

Publisher:  MIT Press

Date: 2010


Inside the L.A. Artist

By:  Marva Marrow (Editor)

Publisher:  Gibbs Smith

Date:  1988


Drawings:  Space, Form and Expression

By:  Wayne Enstice & Melody Peters

Publisher:  Prentic Hall

Date:  2003


A Guide to Drawing, 4th Edition

By:  Daniel M. Mendelowitz & Duane A. Wakeham

Publisher:  Holt (?)


Contemporary Women Artists

By:  Sister Wendy Beckett

Publisher:  Universe Publishing

Date:  1988


The Mask As Art

ISBN:  0811804453


The Colored Pencil – Key Concepts for Handling the Medium

By:  Bet Borgeson

Publisher:  Watson-Guptill

Date:  1993

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