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2015, Mixed medium: Acrylic on panel, graphite on matte mylar, carved wood, 28″ x 33 1/8″ x 6″; Unfoldment is a vitalistic process at work all around us; in nature, physics, education and spiritual practice to name a few. With this work I was thinking of musical unfoldment (with the strings and button key at the bottom) and emergence philosophy. Emergence philosophy observes that novel and complex phenomenon, proprieties and entities can arise (sometimes unpredictably) from basic, elemental components. Consciousness is often cited example as an emergent property, the formation of liquid when hydrogen and oxygen two gases are combined (at the right temperature) is another. Philosopher Dr. Lawrence Cahoone notes that culture and art are also emergent phenomenon. In this art work the basic element of water in Earth’s complex interactive environment, specifically; a raining cloud at the top, fumaroles which emit water on the left, a tree that transpires water, tundra in the center, a pond with rejoicing fish, conclude on the far right with a candelabra, a symbol of human culture and consciousness.

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