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The Lazarus Hour

2018, Acrylic and carved wood, 19″ x 9 3/4″ x 6″;
Twilight, the crepuscular time has mysterious import for it is a liminal time of transition, a time when some rise and others settle, when some plants fold and others open and when a multitude of stars appear where previously only one could be seen. In the past some cultures thought that at twilight spirits could slip between worlds. The Lazarus Hour, twilight, is a time of transformations, named after Lazarus who underwent poignant, prefiguring transformations. In the painting mists rise from a distant lake like the ascension of our spirit taking on another form, rising into the vastness. The leaf clad vessel is a cistern, a well, a deep resource that waters and nourishes what is above. The upper lacy carving with painting, is hovering, poised on a small half circle – a sculptural embodiment of the delicate balance when our inward vision and outward vision align. The shape of the frame with a pedestal alludes to monstrances which held sacred relics. What must it have been like for Lazarus to have been called back from the mists, from his ascension? Perhaps he experienced it as a twilight time of forming and reforming, called by love. May your end, and mine, be summoned and answered by love.

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