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After the Storm

2012, Acrylic and carved wood, 33 3/4″ x 39 1/2″ x 9 1/2″; The five paintings in this piece are drawn from walks in the hills east of my studio. Several years ago I was evicted from my abode/studio and had to scramble to find a place to rent that would accept a messy artist. The only place I could find was near the foothills, further from the center of the city – there I could see colors of the sky not previously evident in the city – I fell in love with the sky and land. From an uprooting event, after the storm, a new perspective emerged.
Animals see human-made objects from their own perspective, for example, what is clothing to a human is a toy to a dog. Two of the paintings show animals seeing human made things from their own point of view. The dogs play tug-of-war with a pair of underpants, and a swan nests on books.
A day’s sky colors are observed in the five panels, with pre dawn on the left where a flock of birds settle into the grass, to night in the far right panel. The stars in the night lake scene are in the position of the major stars on the day I painted that panel – April 11, 2012. The dark crown on top suggests triumph over trouble. The blue doors enact perspectives being closed and opened.

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