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2014, Acrylic nd carved wood, 22 1/2″ x 29 x 8 3/4″; We indwell nature and nature indwells us. Though a majority of the human population now lives in cities, if we look at photos of the earth from space we can see that our cities are nestled within nature. Furthermore, our bodies are subject to natural processes – sometimes delightfully so and sometimes not so delightfully.
In my work architecture is a signifier for human consciousness and human achievement. In this piece nature can been seen through the architectural frame, showing nature is behind human achievement, or it can be viewed as nature being held within the frame, protected.
The center painting is bracketed by paintings of twilight – a liminal time of transition. In the left painting deer (an ancient symbol of the soul) cross a wetland; an environment of inundation and emergent life, with a fog bow in the darkening sky. In the right painting a setting sun radiates through a dark forest. In many culture seekers would enter the forest to find wisdom. The center panel, the deep forest that reaches to the shore, cradles a steaming thermal pool and water fall. A single star, Venus appears in the milky sky. Venus is usually the first start to appear in the west and it is both the morning and the evening star – for millennia, Venus was used by travelers to orient themselves.

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