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Hisako Kobayashi Works Biography


Hisako Kobayashi (Japanese, b.1950) is a painter best known for her luminous landscape studies. The artist’s canvases read as both beautiful abstractions and impressionist studies of the landscape. In this way, the artist connects both the painting traditions of the New York School and the Japanese love of nature. In a culture that places a premium on specialization and intellectualization, Kobayashi’s paintings reflect a rebellious sensitivity to color and light that actively seeks to elevate emotion above rationalization. In speaking about her process, the artist explains, “Painting is an emotional process for me, and the conflicted feelings it evokes make it a difficult process as well. I want a process in my work which harmonizes the disorder of nature, our nature…to make a whole from these parts: that is what I am after.”

Kobayashi’s paintings have been exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY; Museum of the City of New York, New York, NY; and the National Arts Club, New York, NY

Kobayashi currently lives and works in New York City.

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