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Fred Martin Works Biography

Fred Martin, who was born in San Francisco in 1927 and raised in Oakland, has been active in the Bay Area arts community since the late ‘40s as an artist, instructor, writer, and administrator.

He showed at the Dilexi Gallery regularly in the early years, and his 1967 show there focused on Beulah Land, a bound book of fifteen etchings published by Crown Point Press and printed by Kathan Brown in 1966.

Brown and Martin met at the San Francisco Art Institute where she taught in the 1960s, and he served as director from 1965 to 1975. Martin’s Beulah Land is a book of his hard ground etchings with added hand painting, based on a story inspired by Biblical passages. At the end is a quote from an 18th century Polish poet, Princess Isabel Czartoryska: “I wrote this for my / own pleasure and to / record experience / I should not wish to / forget.”

Fred Martin’s style reflects a fascination with mythology and philosophy, and he often added autobiographical symbols and personal narratives to his work.

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