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David Molteni Works Biography


David is an American contemporary representational artist residing in California. Except for the guidance of his grandmother, a classically trained artist, he is essentially self taught. His study of art has been a lifelong pursuit and his skills as a painter began to be honed at an early age. He embarked on his career in fine art in 2012 after having achieved success as a commercial artist for well over a decade. He has worked with nationally recognized universities, institutions and corporations, appearing in both print and on television. He has now chosen to direct his creativity to a more personal path. Molteni is influenced by the Dutch Masters as well as contemporary figurative and narrative artists. He is a meticulous painter whose work is extraordinarily time consuming. His works are often subtle in narrative and emotive, whether still life or figurative. They are intensely studied works from life and nature with the intent of imbuing each piece, not only with a palpable presence but also a unique voice.


“Although my subject matter is often very personal, I strive to find an open and universal narrative. I hope that the viewer will connect with my work on an emotional and personal level.”.

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