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Annette Corcoran Works Biography

In the Permanent Museum Collections of:

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Oakland Museum, Oakland CA

Contemporary Art Museum, Honolulu HI

University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

Taipei County Yingge Ceramics Museum, Taiwan

San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts, Racine WI

Everson Museum, Syracuse, NY

Nora Eccles Harrison Museum, Logan, UT

Newark Museum, Newark, NJ

World Ceramic Foundation, Inchon, S. Korea

Michigan State University, Lansing MI

Stanford University, Palo Alto CA


In the Private Collections of:

Betty Asher, Los Angeles

Gwen Laurie Smits, San Marino

Diana & Sanford Besser Collection

Nanette Laitman, New York

Mr. & Mrs. Carter Thacher, San Francisco

Liala Twigg-Smith, Honolulu, Hawaii

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kogod, Washington D.C.

Judy & Robert Aptekar, Los Altos CA

Diana & Sandford Besser, Little Rock AR

Joe Blank, New York, NY

Carol & David Boss, Palos Verdes Est. CA

David Charak, St. Louis, MO

Janice Diamond, Bedford, NY

Daphne & Peter Farago, Little Compton, RI

Inge & Woody Hagge, Hazelhurst, WI

Mary Zlot, San Francisco.

Betsy Rosenfield, Chicago.

Daniel Jacobs, New York

Karen Johnson Boyd, Chicago Il

Sak’s Fifth Ave. Corporate Collection

The Hallmark Art Collection

Marvin Fang, Taipei, Tiawan

Kennell Jackson, Stanford, CA

Barbara & Kenneth Juster, New York, NY

Gloria & Sonny Kamm, Encino, CA

Mr, & Mrs. Alfred Shands III, Louisville, KY

Ilse & Roy Byrnes, San Juan Capistrano CA

Emily Carroll & Thom Wesiel, Ross, CA

Mary Keesling, San Francisco, CA

Jane Korman, Ft. Washington, PA

Diane Len, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Susan & Patterson McBaine, San Francisco CA

Donna Nussbaum, St. Louis, MO

Marie A. Scholar, Luxembourg, Grand Duchy

Megan & Norman Schultz, San Francisco, CA

Dorothy & Fred Weiss, Piedmont, CA


In Published Books and Magazines:

The Eccentric Teapot,  Garth Clark, 1989.

Clay Today. Contemporary Ceramists & their Work, Martha Drexler Lynn, 1990

Hands In Clay, Charlotte Speight, John Toki, 1993

American Craft Magazine, April-May, 1996

Birds & Teapots, Dorothy Weiss Gallery, 1996

Defining Moments in Studio Ceramics 1950, 2000, Jo Lauria/LACMA, 2000

Teapots Transformed, Leslie Ferrin, 2000

The Artful Teapot, Garth Clark, 2002

500 Teapots, Lark Books, 2002

Tea Anyone? Racine Art Museum, 2003

Animals in Clay, Lark Books, 2006

The Yixing Effect, Marvin Sweet, 2006

Pilated Woodpecker postcard, RAM, 2003

Teapots 2007, Calendar, Universal Publ., NY

Great Pots, Contemporary Ceramics, Newark Museum, 2003

Contemporary Ceramics – an International Perspective, Emanual Cooper, 2009


Museum & Group Shows 2013-14

Vault Show, AMOCA, Pomona CA

6th International Small Teapot Show, Pomona CA.

Solo Exhibition, Fresno Museum of Art, Fresno CA

20th Annual Hot Tea Exhibition, Del Mono Gallery, On-line.


Museum & Group Shows 2012

Fifth International Small Teapots, Pomona, CA

Solo Exhibition Monterey Museum of Art, Monterey CA


Museum & Group Shows 2011

“Mad about Teapots”, Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Wausau WI (from Racine Art Museum).

SOFA, Chicago IL., Del Mano Gallery, Los Angeles CA

“Hot Tea 2011”, Del Mano Gallery, Los Angeles CA

“Birds of Peru”, MOMA Art Gallery, San Francisco CA


Museum & Group Shows 2010

1st Ceramics Annual of America, San Francisco CA

4th Annual Small Teapots, Saddleback College CA


Museum & Group Shows 2009

Beijing Art Expo, Beijing, China


Museum & Group Shows 2008

SOFA Chicago, IL, Leslie Ferrin Gallery

17th Annual San Angelo Museum, TX


Museum & Group Shows 2007

“Creatures of Magic & Myth,” Sonoma Art Museum, CA

“Dinnerworks 2007” Kentucky Arts Council, Louisville KY

SOFA Chicago, IL, Leslie Ferrin Gallery

SOFA Palm Beach FL, Wm Zimmer Gallery


Museum & Group Shows 2006

Trompe L’oeil Sculpture, The Clay Studio, Phila. PA

The Yixing Effect, Echoes of the Chinese Scholar, Holter Museum, Helena, MT

The Artful Teapot, Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA

SOFA, Leslie Ferrin Gallery, Chicago, IL

Big Fish, Small Pot, cash award Saddleback College CA

Steam’en, Galleria Materia, Scottsdale, AZ

Teapot Fortune, Kentucky Museum of Art & Design, Louisville, KY


Museum & Group Shows 2005

Stories & Visions of Nature in clay” Signature Gallery, Atlanta GA

World Ceramic Exposition Foundation, Inchon, S. Korea

Magnificent Extravaganza – Artist & Opulence, Racine Art Museum, Racine WI

Short Stories: Narrative Ceramic Art, Center for Ceramic Art, Berkeley

Great Pots: From Function to Fantasy, Newark Museum of Art, Newark NJ

The International Art Teapot Exhibition, Taipei County Yingge Ceramic Museum, Taiwan. Catalog

The Artful Teapot, Kamm Collection, Long Beach Museum of Art, CA

SOFA, Leslie Ferrin Gallery, Chicago, IL

Artists & the Cultivated Landscape, Fall Invitational, Racine Art Museum, WI

Shore Birds, (Solo Exhibition) Winfield Gallery, Carmel CA


Museum & Group Shows, 2003

Contempo Rarities 2006, The Contemporary Museum, Honolulu, HI

The Curious Teapot 2006, Craft Alliance, St. Louis, MO

Teapots, Univ. of Miami, Dept of Art/History, Miami FL

Treasure Hunts, Works from RAM, Racine Art Museum WI


Museum & Group Shows, 2002

The Artful Teapot, Copia Ctr of Wine & Food & the Arts, Napa CA

The Art of Teapots, Taipei County Yinko Ceramics Museum, Taiwan, Republic of China

California Design – 2002, Contemporary Crafts Assn., San Francisco

Teapots Transformed, Ferrin Gallery, Lenox MA

SOFA 2002, Ferrin Gallery Chicago IL


Museum & Group Shows, 2001

Craft Alliance 4th Annual Teapot Show, St Louis MO

Celestial Seasonings, (3rd place; monetary award) Bolder CO


Museum & Group Shows, 2000

Defining Moments in Contemporary Ceramics,

Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles CA

14th Annual Competition, San Angelo Museum. San Angelo TX

Who Knows Where or When, Wustrum Museum Invitational, Racine

SOFA 2000,Chicago Ferrin Gallery


Museum & Group Shows , 1999

Teapot Show, Sybaris Gallery, Royal Oaks MI

The Teapot Refined, Mobilla Gallery, Cambridge MA

SOFA 1999, Ferrin Gallery Chicago IL

Teapot Invitational, Dorothy Weiss Gallery, San Francisco CA

Pacific Crafts, Orange County of Art, Newport Beach CA


Museum & Group Shows – 1998

New Work (Solo Exhibition) Dorothy Weiss Gallery, San Francisco CA

San Angelo Museum, 13th Annual Competition, San Angelo TX

Artists Address Clothing, Wustrum Museum of Fine Arts, Racine WI

Tantalizing Teapots, Craft & Folkart Museum, Los Angeles, CA

Cup & Goblet Show, Margo Jacobsen Gallery, Portland OR

Cup as a Metaphor II, The Sybaris Gallery, Royal Oak MI


Museum & Group Shows, 1997

Artists & Food, Wustrum Museum of Fine Art, Racine WI

Craft Alliance 5th Annual Teapot Exhibit, St. Louis MO


Museum, Solo & Group Shows, 1996

Icones Avium, (Solo Exhibit) Dorothy Weiss Gallery, San Francisco CA

San Angelo Museum Eleventh Annual Competition, (Merit Award), San Angelo TX


Solo Exhibits 1995 – 1979

New Work, Winfield Gallery, Carmel CA

Joan Robey Gallery, Denver CO

Dorothy Weiss Gallery, San Francisco CA (1988, 1990, 1992, 1994)

Joanne Rapp Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ

15th Anniversary Exhibit, Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Wausau, WI


1995 – 1990 Selected Museum & Group Exhibits

Let’s Play House, Wustrum Museum of Fine Arts, Racine WI

10th Annual Competition, San Angelo Museum, San Angelo TX

The Tea Party, American Crafts Museum, New York, NY

The Tea Party, The National Museum of Ceramic Art, Baltimore, MD

The 29th Ceramic National, Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse NY

Monterey Bay Ceramics, Monterey Museum of Art, Monterey CA

Pets: an American Obsession, Wustrum Museum of Fine Art, Racine

Contemporary California Ceramics, Rosicrucian Museum San Jose CA

From Our Vault to the Studio, Wustrum Museum of Fine Art, Racine

The 1992 Int’l Invitational Exhibit of Contemporary Ceramic Art,

The National Museum of History, Taipei, Taiwan

Artists and the American Yard, Wustrum Museum of Fine Art, Racine

For the Birds, Wustrum Museum of Fine Art, Racine WI

WESTAF/NEA Regional Fellowship for Visual Arts Exhibit (HonorableMention Award)

Tea Pot Show, Dorothy Weiss Gallery, San Francisco CA

The Year of American Craft, Maveety Gallery, Salishan, OR

In the Spirit of Xining, Joanne Rappe Gallery Gallery, Scottsdale AZ

Making a Legend; Chief Seattle’s Reply, Hatley Martin Gallery, San Francisco CA

Summer Concourse Exhibit, San Francisco International Airport

International Ceramics Competition 1985, Beijing, China

[listings abbreviated ]

About Annette:

Studio: Pacific Grove CA

Education: Academic Scholarship to University of California (Berkeley), BA, 1952. Continuing education in art and ceramics – Long Beach State Univ., Cal Poly Univ., Saddleback College (CA), College of Marin (CA). Family: married, 3 sons.

Ceramics: Began working with clay in 1970..

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